‘This is an incredible breakthrough opportunity for the hospitality industry. The combination of technology, social media impact, and employee engagement. As an engagement tool for the restaurant industry this will empower employees to build self-esteem, self-development, and earn extra financial compensation while doing so - not paid from my slim profit margins.  This is the weapon to battle the national agenda of raising minimum wage. A winner for employees and restaurants alike. Baller - Hope for a Better Future - for everyone who participates.’


Wilson Cabrera

Owner / Operator

Don Bonachon Mexican Bar & Grill

“I’ve spent 25 years in the restaurant industry with various duties and responsibilities and have never seen a system designed to improve customer service, employee engagement, nor motivate a staff to better themselves everyday. This will empower our team to be brand ambassadors very quickly. We see great things by using this tool.”


Veronica Cabrera

Managing Partner

Don Bonachon Mexican Bar & Grill

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