Our Leadership 

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Stephen Shepherd
CEO / President

Stephen Shepherd has 26 years experience in the hospitality industry from fast food, fast casual, national restaurant home delivery concepts, and national hotel chains. His roles and responsibilities ranged from an entry level team member, unit manager, department head to area director. It is in these areas he has gleaned experience to devise the intricate structure of the Workforce Accountability Solutions Platform to be the revolutionary design necessary to reduce the employment issues within the industry. His business management and experience as multi-million dollar real estate investment owner / analyst / entrepreneur provides him substantial experience as the CEO / President of Baller LLC - Hope for a Better Future!

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Shawn McCollough
Chief Operations Officer

Shawn epitomizes what it means to be a self-taught leader starting with a dream of being a successful businessman then learning the craft by consuming countless books on management and business then applying his learnings to the restaurant business.  From a very early age, his parents instilled the core values of integrity, courage, and humility that would later be the building blocks of his success. These values were key to his successful navigation of growing up in a tough, inner city neighborhood. Above all, his parents drilled the importance of pursuing a life-long education which inspired him to believe anything is possible with self-education and hard work.


Shawn has dedicated his life to the restaurant business. He started his first restaurant job at age 15 in a small, independent Chinese restaurant in a strip mall. From there, he got his first management opportunity at age 19 in a franchised Domino's Pizza restaurant. Over a 30 year span, he has ran restaurant operations for successful brands such as The Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Chili's. The restaurant business has afforded his family the financial stability to support his wife and children.


Shawn believes in the importance of giving back to the community through financial literacy, volunteering, and mentorship programs for young men and women who are in disadvantaged situations. Having been a single father of 2 at age 21, Shawn knows first-hand the value of a mentorship to help navigate the pitfalls of young adulthood. He also believes financial literacy is the most impactful tool a young adult can use to achieve life long success. Passing along successful principles, morals, and values, Shawn believes will inspire young adults to become self-made, fulfilled citizens.

Enrico Linscheer
IT Platform Developer

Enrico; Experienced IT operations executive with a background in program management, software development and general operations management. Over 15 years of experience in operations and professional services for large technology corporations as well as leading edge start-ups.

Carlos Bodega
IT Platform Designer
Adam Stovall
Chief Financial Officer

Adam Stovall has spent the bulk of the last 20 years in the Chief Financial Officer/Controller role having spent time in public accounting and private companies with a focus in the banking sector. He says his “first love”, however, was Chick-fil-A.  Adam learned his values around hospitality and customer service in the six years he spent with Chick-fil-a between high school and college and they continue to shape interactions with his  customers even today.


Adam has spent his career helping to transform organizations through solid financial and operational planning and execution. His most recent experience included working with a software vendor to develop internal financial technology (Fintech) for his bank to working on opportunities with actual Fintech customers.


Adam values servant leadership, teamwork and having a “why” behind the work. For him, his “why” centers around helping remove barriers for others to experience their potential in the world.  Adam also loves spending time with his family where you might find them camping, playing basketball or cooking together.

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Jim Maloney
Chief Technology Officer

Jim has been responsible for building and managing $3.2 million in service contracts over his 26 year service with Microsoft.  As a United States Naval Academy Graduate and former Naval Aviator Jim is known for his discipline, leadership and team building ability. He cuts straight to the heart of client relationships, building rapport with his ability to balance their expectations by honest dialog, backed with valid expertise and practical experience. Jim holds a Bachelors of Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy.

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Kevin C. Pride
PR / Marketing 

Kevin C. Pride, is the owner of the Atlanta Business Journal Digital and founder of Influencer 365, an integrated marketing agency that includes digital marketing, video content development and public relations services. Kevin works with clients to help with the development and execution of custom marketing and branding plans for individuals and their businesses.  In so doing, he guides them on key success components, such as having the proper motivation, infrastructure, communication and accountability. Among his clients are Atlanta Medical Association, Urban League of Greater Atlanta, Village Podiatry Centers, Life Center Ministries, etc. Kevin also host the Number 1 rated business talk show on The Real 1100am. Kevin is an award-winning web designer who is experienced in sales, marketing, digital marketing, motivational speaking and entrepreneurship. He has held a number of management positions throughout his successful career. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur 10 years ago, when he established Pridek Studios, a content production company, he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Path Labs of Georgia. He now enjoys helping businesses grow and teaching entrepreneurship to underserved communities in the U.S. and several countries in Africa.

Experienced Design Production Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and service industry. Skilled in advertising, graphic design, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Web Design, and software development. Strong arts and design professional background.

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Michael McClellan
Board Member

Michael McClellan Jr., raised in Columbus, Georgia and graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in December of 2002. Michael has had a successful career in the power and energy deliver industry. Michael formed his own organization in January of 2012 which was purchased by another manufacturer's rep firm. Michael serves as secretary of the Atlanta Industrial Application Society of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Michael has two lovely children who attend the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and is a semi-professional photographer. Michael is currently involved in several leadership positions at Buckhead Church as well as a servant of Hands Across Atlanta.